Resistance: Fall of Man To Get Major Spring Update

March 5, 2007

Sony has announced that its singular killer app for the PlayStation 3 is getting a bit beefier this spring in order to coincide with the game’s European launch on March 23.

According to Sony, this update will add a pair of new online modes, including Team Conversion and Assault mode. Team Conversion mode is the same gameplay mechanic as the existing Conversion mode except that gamers will play as part of a team and both teams will start off as human and have one life on each side. The Assault mode is based around the concept of attrition where the objective is to wear down an opponent’s defenses before destroying their base.

In addition, another new online feature to be added will be the spectator camera that allows players to either observe the action from the player’s point-of-view or free-roam across the entire battlefield. Sony also notes that matchmaking also will be sped up and be made more reliable, and the old radar will make a comeback as a new custom game option that will be “ideal for nostalgic players.”

But that’s not all. In May a map pack update is scheduled that will enable worldwide gameplay and allow players to purchase and download new multiplayer maps in-game. Insomniac Games has created two new maps to provide players with an “entirely different feel” from those maps that are currently available.

One of these maps is set in Westmorland, England where players will find the struggle against the Chimera continues among the snowy hills of northern Great Britain. The other map is set in Camborn, England where once again the British Resistance battles the Chimera. In Camborn, players will be able to take part in both above-ground and subterranean combat. The story behind the new maps is told as an extension of the backstory presented on [url=]the [i]Resistance: Fall of Man[/i] website[/url], and additional details will be revealed closer to the May release.

The May update also allows players to challenge each other on a global scale. Players from around the world now will be able to hop online with one another and establish new friends and potential opponents. [url=]Online leaderboards[/url] will be filterable by region, and each territory will retain the ability to make announcements and hold events that are targeted to their players.