Test Drive Unlimited (Finally) Released For PC, PS2/PSP Coming

March 7, 2007

Test Drive Unlimited was and continues to be one of the unsung heroes of the Xbox 360, offering one of the most fun racing experiences on the console. Ever since the game was first announced, versions for the PC and PlayStation 2 were talked about in whispers as well, though any concrete information has been scarce.

However, today Atari confirmed that both the PS2 and PC versions of the racer have gone gold, and will ship to retail on March 20. A PSP version also expected later this month as well. Even better, PC gamers can get the jump on this now, as the game is already available for digital download from [url=http://www.atari.com]Atari’s website[/url].

Developed by Eden Studios, the team behind the Xbox 360 version, Test Drive Unlimited for PC features 90 licensed cars and bikes from brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Ducati, and others. Requiring no monthly subscription to play, the PC version will also include support for TrackIR, improved effects, steering wheel support and simplified matchmaking over the Xbox 360 version.

Looking to the PS2 and PSP versions, both will offer online multiplayer and more than 65 vehicles (including more than 30 exclusive manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Jaguar). Exclusive to these versions are the “Quick Race” instant-play mode and “Master Points”, which can be earned through successful drifting and air time.