Tetris Drops On Xbox 360 In March

February 20, 2007

THQ has confirmed that it will release Tetris Evolution for the Xbox 360 in March. While perhaps better suited as a download over Xblx Live Arcade, the fact that the series has to date sold more than 70 million units worldwide across more than 30 game systems since its first release in 1985 leads me to believe that it will likely find its way into some measure of homes next month.

According to THQ, the game will feature new gameplay modes, multiple customizations, as well as Xbox Live capabilities on top of the always fun (and manic) dropping of blocks. New modes in Tetris Evolution will include “Go Low” and “Eraser” for both single and multiplayer. In addition, the multiplayer mode will not only allow for up to four players on a single console, but also support up to four players via the Xbox Live.

Developers have also seen fit to include a new intelligent matchmaking system, which pits players against others within their skill level, as well as the online ladder system, which will enable players to track their overall skill level and accumulate Xbox Live achievement points to increase their Gamerscore. The game will also feature customizable themes, skins, icons and soundtracks to create a personalized gaming experience.

The game sure has come a long way since its green and black days on the Game Boy.