Transformers For Xbox 360, First Image

March 2, 2007

I’ll admit to being a little excited about the upcoming Transformers movie. Not because I have any illusions about it not rapin gmy childhood, but rather concerning the innate cool factor that comes along with giant robots blowing each other up. Let’s just say it appeals to my inner Godzilla fanboy and leave it at that.

However, video game adaptations of movies being what they are, my hope for the upcoming game based on the summer blockbuster is decidedly less enthusiastic. The fact that it is being helmed by Traveller’s Tales does not exactly inspire more confidence either, though they did strike gold with LEGO Star Wars so who knows.

Anyway, Activision, the game’s publisher, sent over the first image of what we can expect from the Xbox 360 version, and here we see our old friend Bumblebee in all hi unrecognizable glory. The game ships for nearly all platforms under the sun this summer.