Warhawk Downloadable, Multiplayer Only

March 3, 2007

[i]Warhawk[/i] was one of the very first games to be shown for the PlayStation 3, and while the game has largely stayed off the radar since its debut at E3 2006, recent news has indicated that the game had undergone several significant changes.

First, as earlier rumored, the game will only be made available as a downloadable over the console’s online PlayStation Network service. In addition, the game will focus on multiplayer at the exclusion of any single player content. [i]Warhawk[/i] will support 32 player multiplayer gameplay, with developers commenting in an IGN interview that “phasing out the single player allows the team to really polish the multiplayer.”

“Right now we are targeting 32 players. That really is the sweet spot for our game. We’ve played with more, we’ve played with less, but 32 players is as big as we really want to go,” noted the game’s director, Dylan Jobe.

Also building upon a comment by the game’s associate producer Drew Bradford, who stated simply that “people want more,” the game will also feature a variety of ground vehicles, as well as th option to get out and run around on foot – weapon in hand – if so desired.

Traditional game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and more will be featured in the game. [i]Warhawk[/i] will be released this year, and most likely will cost less than a “normal” PS3 game, though currently nothing regarding price has been discussed.