October 13, 2005

Ok this stuff is everywhere on the net. It appears that Jack Thompson (Fla. Lawyer who is hell bent on putting violent games to death) is offering 10 grand to a charity if Take Two makes his game (which itself is lame). Now, I know at SB we have not gone the JT-is-a-moron route, I for one think our homies at P.A. do that quite well.

Apparently Gabe over at P.A. sent him an email, and not only got a response but a phone call back. J.T. is upset. Poor poor man. P.A. runs the very awesome Childs Play drive and has raised over half a million bucks in toys and cash or kids all over the U.S. So ten grand IS pretty damn weak. Rock on Gabe.

Jack hates you, he really hates you.