Konami Ships Several For The DS, Wii

March 20, 2007

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep a handle on what titles ship for what consoles, and truly Konami has not made it any easier by shipping no less than five new games today for both the Wii and Nintendo DS.

Starting with the Nintendo DS, Konami has sent Lost in Blue 2 out the door, alongside WWI navel real-time/turn based strategy game Steel Horizon and Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007. Of these, Lost in Blue 2 has most of my attention, though strategy games as such an attractive fit for the touchable handheld. It will be interesting to see how this version of Steel Horizon stacks up to the PSP version being released later this spring.

Looking to the Wii, the company today shipped Wing Island , a game that lets players use the Wii remote to maneuver a variety of planes in and around a chain of island environments in both solo and multiplayer play. Wing Island features three primary modes of play, including story mode, free mode and trial mode. In all three game modes players can either fly solo or in formation, controlling a group of five planes simultaneously. Players have control of their flight team, directing them to fly in a variety of formations simply by performing preset motions using the remote.

Today’s other Wii release from Konami is Kororinpa: Marble Mania, a puzzle game that has players using the remote to tilt, spin and flip the environment on three axes and up to 180 degrees in order to guide marbles through each stage. Sounds a bit like competition for the upcoming Mercury port to the Wii.