Left Behind Games Leaks $4.1 Million In Q3

February 20, 2007

True story. I was at CompUSA this weekend, and saw a lady pick up Christian-themed game developer Left Behind Games’ flagship PC title Left Behind: Eternal Forces, flip it over, and put it back on the shelf in disgust, grumbling irritably that it wasn’t the books but rather some “stupid game.”

That may be funny, but it is also telling, because the company announced today a third quarter loss of $4.1 million, up from last year’s $934,000 loss. That’s an astounding amount by any measure, but considering that Left Behind’s sole source of revenue was this RTS that has been generally panned by critics and ignored by its only potential user base means that things are not looking particularly rosy right now for the company.

Sales revenue for the game was $1,202,090, and company CEO Troy Lyndon noted that Left Behind is looking into other sales distribution channels for future titles “to include more Christian bookstores, ministry sponsorships, church outreaches, Christian conferences, LAN center licensing, viral online and Internet sales, music concerts and trial versions. We look forward to a very prosperous year.”

Left Behind’s next game is expected in September.