LEGO Star Wars 2: No More Freezing

November 6, 2006

I recently [url=]went on a tirade[/url] about freezing issues I was seeing in the 360 version of Lego Star Wars 2. After enduring far too many instances, I decided to do a little testing as I had spoken with people like JoeHonkie that had no issues with the game. Despite my system not freezing on any other game I figured the console was to blame. I am happy to report that after putting my 360 and the powerbrick up on a very well ventilated plastic box I haven’t had anymore freezing issues.

So with egg on my face, I have to admit that my original tirade was unfounded and I am going to be revising those portions of the [url=]review[/url] since the game was really not to blame in the first place.