Level 5 Jeanne d’Arc SRPG For PSP This August

March 22, 2007

Sony has confirmed that it will release Level 5’s (Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud) tactical role-playing game for the PSP, Jeanne d’Arc, this August. The game leaves one foot in real world history with and another in fantasy, keeping its balance to deliver a strategy game that looks a bit like Disgaea and too good to pass up.

Inspired by the life and times of Joan of Arc, the game promises more than 40 hours of gameplay with a story that begins far in the past, when a great war was waged by mankind against demonic armies attempting to invade the human world. During that time, five brave heroes created armlets to restrain the demon gods. In a quest to turn back the rueful army, a young crusader named Jeanne is commanded by mysterious voices to use the power of the magical armlet to seal away the demon king and recover her homeland once and for all.

Set among 40 different environments, players will engage in the pursuit of France’s resurgence. Players will control up to 14 characters throughout the journey, including humans and beasts, as they battle a variety of enemies in the quest to turn back the English domination.

Jeanne d’Arc will offer a turn-based battle system where players engage in unique team attacks and defensive schemes, using multiple characters’ skills in combination to create devastating strikes. Furthermore, each character has access to one of eight weapon types that are also upgradeable as players’ progress through the game. Additionally, players can customize their characters with more than 150 different skills and abilities throughout the game.

“With the introduction of Jeanne d’Arc for PSP, Level-5 now brings their high standard of game development excellence to the portable world,” said Jeff Reese, Director, Software Marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “The team has managed to create an action filled, mythical adventure that RPG fans and gamers alike will take anywhere they feel like playing, further adding depth to the ever expanding lineup of PSP software.”