Lightsaber Based Wii Title In the Works?

September 10, 2007

According to comments made by LucasArts’ Mark Montuya during a demo of the Wii controls of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga at Activision’s Activate Asia Pacific conference, we may just be in for a real treat.

Montoya mentioned that the motion-sensitive lightsaber action in LSW:TCS is “just a taster” for a future game involving motion-sensitive lightsaber combat. As a Star Wars fan, I’m excited, but still a bit apprehensive. Star Wars games were once a total joke. Those days are over, but that doesn’t mean anything built on the Star Wars license will end up being gold.

LucasArts’ execution of this as yet unannounced title will be watched with very close eyes. I, for one, am now having dreams of a lightsaber attachement for my Wii Remote. I’ll take one in red please.

Source: Gameplayer