Lightsabers On!

December 8, 2004

Well, Cone’s well deserved rant has been up there long enough to make a point. I have heard to many bad things about Game Rush to ever go there, but what is done is done, and my man has made his voice heard.

However, that cannot overshadow one game that I have been waiting on for a long time. Knights of the Old Republic: Sith Lords is now out and its everything I wanted and more. It plays exactly like the original, props to Obsidian for taking over the project. We now have what I have wanted in the original, a Weapons Finesse feat, for you DnDers/NWNers you know what I am talking about. I am about 4 hours into the game, and I love it, but then again major bias as I love most things Star Wars.

Game Rush sucks. Star Wars rules.