March 24, 2004

This is Pretz broadcasting live from the best gaming cafe in the world Xtreme Gaming Cybercafe. The cafe is hookin it up with some BF Vietnam, Unreal Tournament 2K4 and many other games. So make sure you guys check it out, the place freaking rules. Make sure you tell them that the Snackbar Crew sent ya!

If there was anytime that you should save money for games, this is the week to do it. Let me give you one good reason why, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorrow. Me personally, I have pre-ordered three games Splinter Cell being one of the three. Far Cry and Condition Zero being the other two. Make sure you Snackbarians check out these new titles, cause are they are going to be intense. Cone and Dots should be expecting the new member of the SB crew any time now, so stay tuned in. As for Pic, I’m sure he is grinding away at school and will be in town this weekend for some mad gameage.