Mastiff announces Shimano Xtreme Fishing

February 18, 2009

Mastiff has teamed up with the folks at Shimano and announced Shimano Xtreme Fishing. Shimano Xtreme Fishing allows gamers to fish using a trio of different methods including bowfishing, spearfishing, and the more traditional rod and reel.

More than 40 fish species will make an appearance in SXF with a host of predators guarding the hottest fishing spots. Fishing locations in SXF range from the waters of North America to an Amazon waterfall and even underwater Mayan ruins.

Shimano Xtreme Fishing will be a Wii exclusive and is slated to be out Summer 2009.

Press Release

San Francisco, CA — Feb 18, 2009 — Shimano Xtreme Fishing challenges players to choose a weapon for a whole new take on fishing.

Embracing the wilder side of sport fishing, Shimano Xtreme Fishing is the only videogame to let players take the fight to the fish with bow and speargun in addition to the traditional rod and reel. Featuring cutting-edge fishing gear like Shimano Voltaeus fishing rods, Hoyt bows, AMS Bowfishing reels and accessories, and Muzzy arrow points, players hunt for a legendary catch from the deck of a free-roaming boat or underwater in full SCUBA gear.

But don’t think that the hunt will be easy, because the more extreme the gear, the more extreme the fish… More than 40 varieties inhabit the massive environments, with huge predators like sharks and alligators guarding the hottest fishing spots. Shimano Xtreme Fishing takes players through exotic environments ranging from the cold, dark waters of a North American reservoir to a roaring Amazon waterfall, eerie submerged Mayan ruins, the hidden lagoons of a southern island, and the shark-infested shipwrecks of a tropical sea.

Once the weapons – bowfishing gear, fishing rod, or spear gun and SCUBA – have been chosen, players can compete to unlock new tackle, clothing, and sporting accessories in a series of challenging tournaments, each with beautiful scenery and unique time and weather conditions. Players looking for a more open-ended fishing trip can roam the vast environments in search of new hot spots while mastering their weapons of choice in Free Fish mode.

“We weren’t interested in creating just another fishing game,” said Bill Swartz, Head Woof of Mastiff. “We wanted to give players something new – the very best equipment, an incredible selection of fish and locations, and most importantly, the rush that comes from extreme fishing, whether with rod, bow or spear.”

Shimano Xtreme Fishing will be available for Wii(tm) in summer 2009.