Metal Gear, Silent Hill coming to iPhone

December 18, 2008

The Metal Gear and Silent Hill series have touched many gamers. Now, they’ll have the chance to touch back.

Metal Gear Solid Touch and Silent Hill: The Escape will be released as downloadable games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Konami announced in a press release. A Dance Dance Revolution game and a Frogger game will also be available as part of the company’s new Touch Konami line.

Metal Gear Solid Touch uses characters and environments from Metal Gear Solid 4 in an eight-stage shooting-gallery game that will be available in Spring 2009. More stages will be available later, the press release says.

Silent Hill: The Escape will be a first-person shooter using the touch screen for movement. Along with Frogger and Dance Dance Revolution S Lite—where players tap the screen in time with music—it will be released later this month.

The Touch Konami site is currently available only in Japanese, but contains some screenshots and more information.

The iPhone/iPod Touch continues to garner support from game companies. Namco has made a port of I Love Katamari available for download on iTunes. Square Enix, EA, Capcom, THQ and others have all released or announced title for the platform, including games based on Spore, Resident Evil, Boom Blox and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Developer Kojima Productions had teased a new Metal Gear game was in the works on its website, leading to speculation the series would be coming to the Xbox 360.