Microsoft’s Erickson Abandons XBLA For Vivendi

February 20, 2007

Following [url=]earlier news[/url] of Sierra Online’s investment in the online games space through the purchase of Wanako Games (Assault Heroes), the company today added to its ranks with former Xbox Live Arcade portfolio manager Ross Erickson jumping ship to join Vivendi’s cause. Ross, who worked on a number of projects for Microsoft including Amped and Top Spin, will leave the company on February 23 in order to take up an unspecified role at Sierra Online.

Ross’ departure follows the loss of Xbox Live’s Greg Canessa to casual game powerhouse PopCap earlier this month. In addition, with the well of new Xbox Live titles seeming to dry up (despite no shortage of announced games on the distant horizon), all eyes have turned to the popular online service in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.