Mist Surrounding God of War PSP Starts To Lift

March 13, 2007

With confirmation for a PSP version of God of War found on the back of God of War II’s instruction manual, the question has since shifted to when it would arrive. Finally, [url=http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=7951988&publicUserId=5380373]a report[/url] from 1UP’s Matt Leone, who was on hand blogging Sony’s God of War II launch party has shed some light on the upcoming portable chronicle of Kratos’ brutal adventures.

According to the report, the PSP version will be a completely new game and will not feature any of the locations of the previous games. This may not sound like something big, but considering the PSP versions of [i]Splinter Cell[/i], [i]Prince of Persia[/i] or [i]GTA[/i], gamers know that levels and stages are quite often recycled. The developers are currently deciding how they will solve having one less analog stick (which controls rolling on the PS2 games). No release date, or any other news has been revealed.

Leone also comments on the near inevitability of God of War III for the PlayStation 3, though to be frank that much was probably a given.