Monster Hunter and Second Sight

October 5, 2004

Instead of playing Battlefront or Black Arrow with the crew tonight I decided to check out Monster Hunter and Second Sight. After spending as much time as I had with each game I have come to the same conclusion with both games and that is that I would rather have a root canal than play either game.

Monster Hunter had a somewhat cool premise, but the execution was so flawed I just couldn’t continue. I can’t bring myself to play enough of it for a formal review so let me sum it here. The fixed camera aside from L1 centering the camera was absurd and the controls as a whole were retarded. The game had a super slow feel to it and after coming off Fable I don’t really have the patience to play a game whose high point is mediocre at best. That being said, Monster Hunter will never again grace the presence of my PS2.

I had high hopes for Second Sight. I heard a little about the game and the concept that I heard sound cool. Unfortunately I didn’t get far enough into it to find out if that part was in fact cool. I decided after 15 minutes of resident evil style gameplay that I’d had enough. I was expecting a cool action adventure game and I got an RE clone which is fine if that is your thing. It is, however, not my thing and so Second Sight will also not see any gametime in this household. (That was a really bad pun)

How I managed to pick not 1 but 2 games that I would find absolutely horrendous I will never know, but rest assured I will be checking out X-Men Legends just as fast as I can in the hopes that it will rectify the situation. I may or may not post tomorrow due to some rewiring at my office, but if I do it will more than likely be meaningless rambling.