More PS3 Specs

August 2, 2005

I feel like a broken record sometimes. As of late my rantings have been about the moves that Sony is making with the PS3 and here we go again. Ars Technica just posted some new details on the PS3 and some of them make me want to slap someone.

[quote][b]Say bye-bye to peripherals[/b]. No more using knockoff DDR pads and wireless controllers, gang. Sony has officially disavowed support for all third-party controllers, but you’ll still be able to play PS1/PS2 games just fine with a PS3 pad. My money’s on a USB adapter coming out for it soon after release, though.[/quote]

No 3rd party peripherals?? Are you kidding me? Sony peripherals were overpriced to begin with and now they have no competition? Sheesh. Prepare to take it where it hurts.

[quote][b]That hard drive isn’t for games.[/b] No such luck in getting your save games for Avalon or Dark Sector onto the PS3’s micro HDD; Sony wants you to use it for things like downloaded video content, MP3s, and photos. The network hub capabilities will then let you access it from any network-enabled device.[/quote]

So they are basically negating the advantage that having a built-in HD provides. Way to go Sony. Not to mention this is an optional accessory. You just ensured that I will not need this. I guess that just saved me about $150.

[quote][b]No more memory cards.[/b] You know all that stuff about backwards compatibility with the PS2 and the original Playstation? Well, we’ve got good news and bad news for you. Your old save games won’t be usable, thanks to the PS3’s reliance on the Memory Stick Duo for storing save data. The good news is that downloading and saving shares via your PC (ahem, ahem) for all three Playstation versions and the PSP will be easy as pie. And we like pie.[/quote]

I don’t even know what to say.

Source: [url=]Ars Technica[/url]