More Than One Third of U.S. Adults Online Own a Game Console

March 13, 2007

According to recent Nielsen//NetRatings [url=]figures[/url] about 36.5% of US adults online own a game console while 15.9% of the adults own a portable game console. These figures are perfectly in line with the fact that our industry is not just for kids anymore. As the yearly earnings reports for game companies continue to skyrocket, games are marketed more and more towards people with larger disposable incomes, your parents.

If these figures continue at this rate of growth you will soon be competing with your parents for time on the hottest new game console. The article also has some interesting facts about the traffic generated by the main websites of the 3 big console makers. Sony’s traffic dipped 8% over the last year while Nintendo saw explosive growth with a surge that is up 91%. Microsoft saw similar gains of about 47%.

All in all, this just further cements the fact that our industry is booming and shows no signs of letting up.