National Treasure

November 19, 2004

Dots and I had the chance to catch this last night with part of the crew at a screening of sorts. While overall there were mixed thoughts on the movie, we both immensely enjoyed it. Dots is a big history buff and we have recently been reading all of Dan Brown’s books. Dan Brown is the author of The DaVinci Code which goes into a lot more detail about the Knights Templar and the treasure they are protecting. Just remember that while Brown’s books seem to be accurate and truly historical it is a fictional piece of work and should be treated that way. The Knights Templar are real though which should get some of you highly interrested in history.

If you like Dan Brown’s books then make sure you check out the movie and if you liked the movie then by all means pick up The DaVinci Code. If you haven’t seen or read either then do one or both.