NBA Live 08 Simulation Predicts Suns As NBA Champs

October 18, 2007

EA just wrapped up their simulation of the 2007-08 NBA season and are predicting that the Phoenix Suns will walk away victorious. The playoffs breakdown like this:

The West
RD 1: Phoenix defeats Golden State (4-2)
RD 1: Houston defeats Denver (4-1)
RD 1: Utah defeats Dallas (4-3)
RD 1: San Antonio defeats LA Lakers (4-2)
RD 2: Phoenix defeats Houston (4-2)
RD 2: San Antonio defeats Utah (4-2)
Conf Finals: Phoenix defeats San Antonio (4-3)

The East
RD 1: Boston defeats Milwaukee (4-1)
RD 1: Detroit defeats Cleveland (4-2)
RD 1: Miami defeats Washington (4-3)
RD 1: New Jersey defeats New York (4-3)
RD 2: Boston defeats Detroit (4-3)
RD 2: New Jersey defeats Miami (4-1)
Conf Finals: Boston defeats New Jersey (4-2)

NBA Finals: Phoenix defeats Boston (4-3)

I can say with some certainty that the events they simulated do in fact have a chance of occurring. I have my own preference on how they would play out, but they do represent a very real scenario. Dallas did get beat in the first round this past year, but I doubt that Utah has the power to repeat that event. It would also be highly embarassing for Cleveland to fall to Detroit after such a stellar playoff run last year. I would also like to believe that my Spurs can once again overcome the Suns and maybe get that back to back that we have been trying for year after year.

Only time will tell how accurate this all ends up being and unfortunately we have to wait until next year to see it all unfold.