New Crysis Powered C&C Shooter In the Works?

March 5, 2007

Four years after the first (and only) [i]Command and Conquer[/i] shooter [i]Renegade[/i], and on the doorsteps of the first “real” [i]Command and Conquer[/i] game in years, the series is poised for a revival. According to information leaked from a recent Electronic Arts meeting, provided the upcoming [i]Command and Conquer 3[/i] is a success, EA plans to release a new shooter in the series powered by the rather high fidelity Crysis engine.

It’s currently unknown whether or not the game would be a sequel to [i]Renegade[/i], or a brand new game entirely. Nothing has been confirmed or denied, but just imagine a shooter set in the [i]Red Alert[/i] universe driven by the Crysis engine. Now that would be awesome.