New Feature Series

October 6, 2004

I got quite a few emails on two topics and so I figured it might be cool to do a series of articles on them. The first topic is building gaming PCs. I don’t pretend to keep up with all the latest and greatest components anymore, but I know enough and can generally advise anyone looking to build a computer for all their gaming needs. I figure there is enough to this that it could be a 2 or 3 part series along with maybe a few articles where I just answer questions.

The other topic is on creating your own gaming site. There are more than a handfull of people that I help on a semi-regular basis with their sites or modifications or just programming ideas in general. The logical question is: Won’t this create competition for Snackbar? Sure, but isn’t like I am naive enough to believe we meet 100% of your gaming needs so I don’t think a few more indie sites is going to hurt anything. Look for these in the future as I plan on starting them soon.

I have also talked to Dots about continuing her Mario in Hollywood series that she started a while back. A few of you have commented about wanting to see that series continue so I will try and make sure we finish that out as there are quite a few gaming movies that have come out or are about to and I know she has some things to say about them. That is all I have for today and since I am getting ready to leave for the day, I will see you guys on Friday.

Hopefully Pickle and Pretzel won’t break too much while I am away.