New Spore games announced

January 23, 2009

Electronic Arts is evolving its Spore franchise into four new titles for the Wii, DS and PC, all of which will be created by original developer Maxis.

Galactic Adventures will be an expansion for the original Spore PC game that was released last year. An EA press release says the add-on will allow players to beam to other planets and “play mission-based adventures.” Galactic Adventures will also come with mission-creation tools so players can craft their own adventures and share them through the Spore website.

Creature Keeper will be a standalone PC game for younger children centered on creature creation.

Spore Hero will be the first Wii version of Spore, described as an “adventure game” in EA’s press release.

Spore Hero Arena joins Spore Creatures on the DS and will allow players to put their creature-creations into battle against other alien species.

EA has not released sales information for Spore, although lists Spore Creatures at 740,000 in worldwide sales.