Nightly Recap: Aaaaad…I’m Done Booking E3 Appointments

June 29, 2007

I must say this week has been rough. Besides my normal rounds at Gamasutra, and then evenings writing for Snackbar, it’s been a stressful week all around as companies scramble to get invites out for E3 as I reciprocate their efforts by trying to fit in their last minute phone calls and emails into my quickly overflowing day planner.

But that’s it, I’m done. I think.

E3, like any other industry show, is about picking your battles. You can’t see and talk with everyone, so you have to choose the few that you think are important, throw in a few that genuinely appeal to your own sensibilities, and then cross your fingers as you hope and pray that some last minute change or delay does not hose your carefully hatched plan for journalistic domination.

This year is a wrench unto itself, with multiple hotels, a hanger housing God knows what out in the desert, and other non-E3 participants vying for your time elsewhere out and about the metropolis of Santa Monica. Plus, most of the major companies have setup press conferences nearly back to back as well, leaving little wiggle room for sit downs with smaller outfits or 1-on-1 interviews. Somewhere. somehow there is a RTS design document in all of this.

But as I said, I’ve done my best, and have put together a solid action plan for tackling the show. Now with another Snackbar ninja at my side helping me here, and Gamasutra and Insert Credit writer extraordinaire Brandon Sheffield at my side, I can breath an abbreviated sigh of relief. I feel confident. For now.