Nine discs? Try…um… one?!?

January 11, 2006

Elder Scrolls 4 was originally expected to be on nine discs. Of course, how much fun is that having to switch discs all the time while playing. That would really take you out of the game.

Well, it seems that the Xbox 360 uses what’s called DVD-9, which can hold nine gigabytes of data. With this being said, Elder Scrolls 4 on the Xbox 360 will only use one disc.

With that being said, will the game at LEAST be put on DVDs for the PC? Sure, they can compress many files and then extract them as part of the installation, but it really bugs me that games require more than one install disc typically. It may still need more than one DVD if it’s as huge as expected, but I certainly can’t imagine sitting through the install of that game if one were to buy it on CDs.

Seriously… PC games shouldn’t come on CDs anymore. I’d pay an extra $5 per game just for the convenience of them coming on one DVD instead of multiple CDs.

I just hope Bethesda takes a note from themselves on the PC version and tries to do the same basic thing. Sure, swapping discs during install isn’t as bad as having to during gameplay, but it’s still an annoyance and should be stopped.