Nintendo To Donate Wii Units To YMCA

April 11, 2007

If you’ve ever played a Wii, you know the system possesses great potential as an enjoyable method of exercise. Nintendo also knows this because today they announced that they will be donating 100 Wii party packs to the YMCA. The YMCA chapters will be using the Wii to “help bridge the gap between parents and their kids through their Adventure Guides programs, which foster lifelong relationships between parent and child.”

This saturday, April 14, many of the chapters will also be incorporating active Wii games into the events called “Healthy Kids Day”. Details vary by chapter, but kids will be playing Wii Sports, which is the pack-in five game sport collection for the Wii. George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, said “Wii has quickly become a part of America’s fitness plan, from bowling leagues for active seniors to kids and parents who sweat through Wii Sports pentathlons together.”

I think it’s a great move on Nintendo’s part to build a positive image for the Wii and our industry in general. It also does a great job of getting people moving and active again in an activity where your thumbs are about all that normally get a decent workout. How long before these become standard fare for middle and high school PE classes…