No Standalone Pack For HL2: Ep 2

May 21, 2007

Previously, Valve made a statement that Episode 2 for [i]Half Life 2[/i] will be available with [i]Team Fortress 2[/i] and [i]Portal[/i] for the PC in a box set called “The Black Box”. This is no more. If you want to get these two games, then you need to either buy them off Valve’s steam program, or buy the “Orange Box” (which contains [i]HL2, Episode 1, 2, Portal[/i] and [i]Team Fortress 2[/i]. The release date for Ep. 2 is currently set for October.

The only upside to this change in packaging is this statement from Vavle’s Doug Lombardi:
[quote]Those who purchase the PC version of The Orange Box will get three separate Steam product codes: One for the three new games, one for HL2, and one for Episode One. This way a PC Orange Box owner can give away their Half-Life 2 or Episode One unused Steam product codes if they don’t need a copy of those games.[/quote]