Ok, he’s a friggin’ programmer

June 8, 2004

Cone was out this weekend and left us in charge of the site, as such I wanted to deface this bad boy with a new green Pickle theme. I only mention it here because I WANTED TO DO IT. Now get this. I have no access to our server with the exception of a drop folder and my own portfolio folder. I find that funny as he won’t even let someone he has known most his damn life access! I swear you programmer freaks out there are so damn paranoid of shit. How can I be misbehaving when I can’t get into the gun rack? HOW!?

Few things on the way of games. The crew is about to Zelda it up, so if you’re interested hit us up on the forums. We have a gaming pad with a Zillion inch TV, very fresh shit. Also I am hearing great stuff for Chronicles of Riddick, and FSW. So far the SB crew says both are a good pick up. Stay the hell away from Van Crapsing, my god I played it a while, and I think my gaming skills diminished.