Omega Five on 01/09

January 3, 2008

Those of you that love shmups and Microsoft’s XBLA are in high spirits lately. This week saw the release of Metal Slug 3, and next week (January 9th to be exact) will see the release of Hudson’s Omega Five. It’s quirky, it’s side-scrolling, and there are plenty of enemies and bullets on the screen to keep you dodging, shooting, and cursing for a good, long, while. Omega Five will set you back 800 MS points (that’s $10 in real money), but it looks to be worth it. It’s been six months since we heard or saw anything about this game, and for an XBLA title that’s like a retail title going back in the cooker for years. I, for one, can’t wait to see what Hudson has come up with.