Original Content Means Just That

November 10, 2008

User-created content is disappearing left, right, and center from Media Molecule’s do-it-yourself platformer, Little Big Planet and Activision’s Guitar Hero: World Tour. See if you can spot the pattern in these “moderated” (read: deleted) user creations.

Little Big Planet:
God of War
Little Big Bros. (SMB World 1-1)
Failure to Launch
Maid in Manhattan

GH: World Tour:
Zelda Theme
Mario Theme

Wihtout having played the level, Failure to Launch seems to be the odd duck here since that level could just as easily be about a giant rocket ship that can’t get off the pad as it could be about a crappy romantic comedy starring Matthew McCona-hona-hey and a horse.

Regardless, you’ve been warned. If you make an LBP level called Demolition Man in which Sackvester Stallone must save the SAPD from Sackmon Phoenix don’t publish it to Media Molecule’s servers (but do send it to me because Demolition Man is awesome).