Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Spirit Coming to VC

May 14, 2007

For the weekly additions to the Wii Shop Channel this week, Nintendo announced that everyone’s favorite pellet eating mascot would be joining the ranks. The NES version of Pac-Man will be available for 500 Wii Points.

Joining Pac-Man, Ninja Gaiden (NES) and Ninja Spirit (TG16) will be available for 500 Wii Points and 600 Wii Points respectively. Ninja Gaiden on the NES is one of the all time great games and is sure to be a hit. Having never owned a TG16, I have never played Ninja Spirit, but this version packs in the original Arcade Mode as well as the PC-Engine Mode. The difference being that the PC-Engine Mode has a life gauge.