Paleo Entertainment delivers Merchants of Brooklyn as debut title

February 18, 2009

Indie developer Paleo Entertainment announced this evening that their debut title, Merchants of Brooklyn, is slated to be released on Steam this Spring. M.O.B. aims to break the mold for first person shooters through frenetic combat and a unique vertical world.

M.O.B. is set in a dystopian New York environment where cloned Neanderthals roam the streets and assist the wealthy citizens on the upper stories of sky high vertical settlements. The first installment of M.O.B. is currently dated for March 17, 2009.

Press Release

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – February 18, 2009 – Paleo Entertainment, an independent game developer, reveals details on its upcoming debut title, Merchants of Brooklyn, a unique project breaking the mold for first-person shooters through frenetic combat in a massive vertical world. Laced with dark humor and presented in a unique graphic novel art style, M.O.B. offers a truly unique vision of future through a uniquely twisted viewpoint where cloned Neanderthals roam the streets, and where society has developed skyward in massive vertical settlements. Currently in development, M.O.B will make its debut on Steam in spring 2009.

The game unfolds in a dystopian New York where environmental crisis has forced the population to literally inch closer to the sky through a massive network of bridges to avoid the toxicity of the surface. The violent change in society created a feverish need for laborers to assist the wealthy elites on the upper levels. A solution presented itself in the cloning of a new working class with the right qualifications — Neanderthals.  Strong enough for labor yet ultimately subservient, the Neanderthal population grew and eventually clogged the lower levels of the city where they were forced to fight in blood sports for the amusement of the wealthy.

“We really wanted to portray everything that makes Paleo Entertainment different and unique with our first title, Merchants of Brooklyn,” said Troy Latimer, President of Paleo Entertainment, “M.O.B. offers a truly distinct and warped gameplay experience that embodies our overall design philosophy. Creating fresh entertainment concepts will always be at the forefront of our products.”

Powered by the all-new Crytek 2 engine, M.O.B. depicts a brutal struggle between the past and future. As an elite Neanderthal fighter, Matteo, players will fight their way through a sprawling vertical world filled with frenetic shoot-outs and distinctly gruesome mayhem. With the help of a prototype biomechanical arm, players will literally tear through the environment and charge fallen debris for use as hand grenades, as well as dismember and demolish anything that stands in their way.  

Paleo Entertainment will share development updates and product details in coming weeks. The first volume of Merchants of Brooklyn will be available March 17, 2009 for the PC via Steam.