Phantom Update

January 22, 2004

While I don’t generally like to make news posts so close together, I wanted to let you know what I have found out about the Phantom recently. I spent some time on the Phantom Official Forums and managed to wade thru the phanboys and their typical retarded banter and find a few guys willing to discuss the system w/o things getting out of hand. Obviously I am a skeptic and I still thing something is amiss, but I am willing to dig a little deeper to find out the truth. After much discussion it was brought to my attention that there was in fact a demo at CES of the Phantom. The only problem being that it was down the street in a penthouse suite and only in front of a few select people. I am in the process of talking with one person who claims to have played the system and I will try to get all the details that I can from him.

In other news, three former Naughty Dog and Blizzard employees have founded a new development studio called Ready At Dawn and have an unannounced console project in the works. I can’t think of two developers who continually deliver high quality games like those do and a joint project will no doubt result in something fantastic. No word yet on what this project may be, but I will keep you updated if I find anything out. Feel free to visit the RaD website at