Pikmin 2, Hero Contest, and Battlefront

September 22, 2004

Before I address anything else today I want to mention Pikmin 2. I got a copy from Nintendo on Monday and I spent all night Monday playing it and I have to say it is a very strange game, but it is so cool. I am very understanding of people’s hesitation to spend $50 on a game that they may or may not enjoy so next week when our review of it goes up we are going to be giving a copy away. This should take place on Wednesday or so.

Regarding the Hero Contest, I really wasn’t expecting such a high response to this contest, but I am glad that everyone is putting in such a high level of effort into this one as the custom artwork will be fantastic.

We have arrived at Battlefront. Star Wars has been such a big part of my life in terms of having unhealthy obsessions with things so it should be no surpise to anyone that I got the trilogy on dvd as well as Battlefront yesterday. Playing as a Storm Trooper in the pursuit of rebel scum is like a dream come true and Battlefront does it oh so well. I don’t want to steal Pretzel’s thunder so I will only say one last thing on the game and it is that driving an AT-AT up to the rebel base on Hoth and proceeding to spawn camp them is the greatest abuse of power I think I have ever engaged in and I loved it.