Playing XIII on the PC

February 12, 2006

Ok… this is why I hardly ever play PC games anymore, and really makes me question why I spent so much to have a powerful system. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to complete Ubi Soft’s XIII, but was unable to due to a plethora of problems. The first major problem is that the saves didn’t take. I could save mid-level, go back to it later, and I’d be lucky if I was still in the same level. On top of that, my quicksave never worked either. I could quicksave all day long, and if I died, back to the beginning of the level for me.

This wouldn’t have been quite so bad. It just would have meant that I needed to get my skills up, but the game itself crashed a few times, and since my saves only took about 50% of the time, I’d have to re-do a large portion of the level and re-watch a cutscene that I had already seen (they were unskippable).

This is highly disappointing, and I expected better than this from Ubi Soft. I’ve had the game sitting on the shelf for a year, and I finally go to play it, really start to enjoy it, and I encounter all of these problems.

I am not a happy panda. I should have gotten it for the Xbox instead.

Look at the bright side though… it will be 3-5 years before I feel any desire to upgrade my PC again. I suppose that’s a plus.