Playstation 3 to win next generation console war?

May 27, 2006

According to industry analysts, the Playstation 3 will have a slow start because of price, but as the price goes down, it will pick up speed and in the end become the best selling system of the next generation. Now, this is assuming the price drops. Sony did say that it never will, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, I just think that’s a BS way of tricking consumers to buy it at launch. After all, if it really was going to be $600 whether it be at launch or two years after, when would you buy it? Clever strategy, but they can’t fool me.

The good news for Sony haters is that these same analysts predict that the Playstation 3 won’t have quite as large a lead on the competition as it did in the last generation. Either way, this should be interesting.

Source: [url=]Official Playstation Website[/url]