Podcast Segment: Sound Off

January 17, 2006

Here is the deal, on our podcast we want to get your take on topics, so here is our first one fresh out of the idea oven.

The Impossible Fight: Online Persona

Young people get a bad rap, so I want to hear perspective from people who are bothered by online personas, and people who justify just about most things that happen on forums/online games/websites. Is it an age thing at all? Feel free to bring up points and counter points to be read over the podcast.

Its time to sound off with your take with this ongoing war that effects everyone, and alot of times the overall vibe of the online world.

Now I will read everything uncut, however its a family show so please no foul language. Pinata I would really love to hear your take as well as you inspired the topic (and no thats not a cut on you).