*pours corona on floor* This is for my homies

December 9, 2003

Today is a solemn day, as we walk outside and the wind blows oh so gently. Something looms in the air, something eerie. Perhaps the world this morning does not sit right. Perhaps something ill has happened.

Yeah it has, today the gaming industry is a buzz with word that Interplay disbanded developer Black Isle Studios as it has suffered over a 20 million dollar loss this year. The business side of the industry can be ugly. With Black Isle Studios gone those of us that have had the pleasure of playing its unbelievable titles are left with many great memories. I for one loved both Baldur’s Gate and the Icewind Dale series. Something about DnD games I really do enjoy and these fine people brought in onto our computers.

Here is a big thank you from the SB crew; we appreciate everything you did for the industry.