Prey Devs Partner With Marc Ecko For New Game

February 21, 2007

As you might recall, recently fashion mogul Marc Ecko recently expanded upon his interest within the video game space with the launch of a dedicated game studio, Marc Ecko Entertainment, “an organization focused on originating, funding, and developing interactive properties.” It seems, [url=]according to GameDaily[/url], that the first company to jump on board with Ecko’s vision is none other than Prey dev Human Head.

[quote]Human Head is a premiere developer that is up to the challenge of crafting a title that is conceptually different than any game ever made,” said Mike Lynch, President of Marc Ecko Entertainment. “Our entire team is focused on working side by side with Human Head’s core group to develop an action title that is truly ambitious in scope. Our job is to change perceptions of what a game can be.[/quote]

I don’t know. I mean, sure, Prey was okay. But should we be so quick to forget the game’s long and rocky road to retail? Not to discount the talent at Human Head, but listing Prey as your chief accomplishment is not, to me at least, a calling card for greatness.