PS2 in a sales slump

October 6, 2004

Gamespot is running an [url=]article[/url] that the lack of PS2 hardware in the retail chain is causing a pretty hefty dip in sales for Sony. I expect this is due to the impending release of the PSTwo. I personally wouldn’t manufacture any more of the old large versions of a console with a sleek version around the corner and I certainly woulnd’t purchase one.

The article also mentions a possible new Gamecube bundle which I will check on with our Nintendo rep. The new bundle is speculated to come with Mario Kart and possibly an extra controller. The expected price point for this possible bundle is still $99. What puzzles me is this line:
[quote]The report expects the bundle’s price point to be kept at $99 ‘unless the PStwo comes out at $129.'[/quote]
What exactly does the pricepoint of the PSTwo, which comes with no games and only 1 controller, have to do with the $99 GC? I was under the impression that the PSTwo was launching at $149 so the GC still has a $50 edge and possibly an extra controller and a game which would bring the total savings up to the $125 range. I fail to see the relevance.