PS3 Backwards Compatability Site

September 7, 2007

Microsoft does a good job of updating their official BC list online when a new update is issued. Sony is following in their footsteps with a new site that sports a search interface instead of a flat list of games.

Sony’s list also details issues related to the game and lets you search PS1, PS2, or Both in addition to letting you specify if you have a 60GB or 80GB PS3. Of course, I did search between the 60GB and 80GB models to see what kind of issues were present in the newer console with the software solution and I am not all that happy. Many games that ran fine on the 60GB version have major issues on the 80GB version. These are first party games put out by Sony owned studios.

For a good example, hit the site and compare your results for “ratchet” which brings up all the Ratchet and Clank games. 60GB version, no issues, 80GB version, tons of slow down issues. I just don’t get it and now I am tempted to run out and buy a 60GB PS3 just so I don’t have to screw around with software emulation on the new models.

Earth to Sony, are you aware that this generation has not been kind to you and you are continuing to do everything you can to piss off your loyal customer base?