PS3 HDD rumors

June 2, 2005

There is no doubt that the harddrive for the PS2 is a niche device that even Sony considers worthless. The fact that the PSTwo doesn’t natively support it speaks volumes. The rumors now are that the PS3 may ship without a drive and it may be optional as well. This spells doom in my opinion. SquareEnix got burned and Capcom did as well with the current HDD situation so you can bet an optional device like that will be virtually unsupported by any developer with half a brain. Gamespot also seems confident that the Xbox360 will in fact ship with the HDD included which is a bit of info that I had not seen as confirmed, but seems perfectly logical

With that said, what the hell is Sony thinking? Do they honestly think this is a good idea? For a company that says the PS3 is an entertainment device and not a gaming console they sure aren’t equipping the PS3 with the proper hardware for it to function as the centerpiece of a living room system. Maybe they should take the 6+ months they are going to have after the Xbox360 launches to stop being morons and rethink their strategy on the subject.

Source: [url=]Gamespot[/url]