Random Thoughts

November 12, 2003

Xbox Live may very well be the main cause for insomnia. Since Rainbow Six has been released the crew has been up till 2 am playing. When I am not playing, I am thinking about how I should be playing. It is a vicious circle indeed. Some of the crew play later then others, and some of the crew drink quite a few more beers then the others. Either way a good time is had by all. As it stands now we are trying to think of ways to better the experience such as kit restrictions and maybe coming up with our own custom games to play. I doubt we will have a creative drought with the kind of people we have involved.

Now that I have Live I can only imagine what True Fantasy Live will be like. I wish you got a keyboard because I would hate to role-play a wizard and not sound, you know, wizardish. Then again who am I kidding; there will be no roleplaying in an MMO game.

I poked my head into an arcade the other day when I went to pick up some dry cleaning and low and behold stood Space Lords. Back when we were freshmen in high school we used to team up on this game. We even had a friend wait for the arcade to open so he could practice Space Lords in preparation for that evening’s game. It was very cool as you had a pilot and a gunner playing at the same time. Soda gunned and I flew the bad boy, all the while avoiding asteroids and your opponent’s photon torpedoes. Did I mention you had cloaking devices?

Space Lords owns. Wizard jokes own.