Register Brain Age 2; Get a free DS Lite Stylus Gift Box

August 28, 2007

Those of you that have an account on, and if you don’t you should, and also have a copy of Brain Age 2 are in for a real treat. Nintendo offers neat online promotions from time to time and now happens to be one of those times. Simply login to your account, register Brain Age 2 using the unique serial number provided inside the cover, and you are eligible for a free DS Lite Stylus Gift Box with seven brightly colored DS Lite styluses.

I know, styluses, woo hoo. But tou get them for simply registering your copy of the game so it’s worth the 5 minutes. After you register your game, you should be given the option of viewing the current promotions. If not, register your game and then go here.

For a list of all of the current promotions that Nintendo is running, you can visit this page after signing into your My Nintendo account.