Revo Control

September 16, 2005

Ok we already have a thread about this in our forums, and every forum in the world is talking about the new Nintendo controller. Rumors are still running about but I read in an article that there will still be a conventional controller, only time will know for sure though. I can see this being a turnoff to third parties especially ones who just want to port across the board. As far as the controller itself, its brilliant. It is a wonderful way of thinking on the part of Nintendo, and the analog in one hand, buttons in the other seems more comfortable to me. Expect the gaming world to be split in half about it, but till we get to feel one in our hands, the debates will continue.

Check out this [url=]video[/url]

And yes I alread have a lot of Commander K.O. smack for the podcast, thats just OG San Antonio if you know who that is.