Revolution patent information

January 14, 2006

According to [url=]Revolution Report[/url], it seems like Nintendo has filed for a new patent in relation to the upcoming Revolution. Here’s just a few pieces of info from the article.

It first says that the “home video game system” which we’ll assume is the Revolution will be capable of playing software from legacy home systems and handheld systems. GBA and DS anyone?

Then of course there’s mention of replacing some graphics from the older games with new ones, which falls right in line with what was said about having upgraded graphics for classic games.

The other thing is that it says it will be able to play older and newer games from consoles made by other manufacturers. Sega perhaps? Sure, I already have Sonic Mega Collection, but it would be quite nice being able to play classic Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast games on a Nintendo system.

The more news that comes out, the more I get excited. I just can’t wait for an official announcement from Nintendo so I can set aside the proper funding needed for the system.