Rock Band DLC for the week of 10/28

October 24, 2008

They’re back at it!  Rock Band DLC for the week of 10/28/2008 has been announced and will be accommodating to the punk rockers out there in the Rock Band Universe.  Seven new tracks will be available come next week, three of which can be purchased bundled in a Siouxsie and the Banshees track-pack along with four more singles from other well known artists from the punk scene.

The three-track-pack will include “Hong Kong Garden,” “The Killing Jar,” and “Kiss Them for Me” from Siouxsie and the Banshees.  The track-pack will be available for $5.49 (440 Microsoft Points).  The other singles include Blink 182’s “Dammit,” The Psychedelic Furs’ “Pretty in Pink,” and two tracks from Silversun Pickups “Melatonin” and “Well Thought Out Twinkles.”  Each of these track as well as the ones from the three-track-pack will be available for download at $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) each.

These tracks will be available on Xbox LIVE on October 28, 2008 and on October 30, 2008 for the PlayStation Network.  All tracks are master recordings.  Hooray for no more covers!!