Sack up.

September 24, 2004

This is going to get a bit touchy. I have the romantic vision of a MMO RPG, one where the developer takes its sweet time to create an enviroment where you can immerse yourself in their fantasy world. The roleplayer’s dream where we can do what we want, grow in experience, make friends and adventure is usually trashed due to the influx of non roleplayers that cram these games to level race, power game, and basically take the fun out.

The roleplaying community is represented by a small percentage of the gaming community, that’s a reason why Madden sells more then Neverwinter Nights, and that makes sense. However there is one company with as much pull on the gaming community as a whole to set an example, and they almost did.

Blizzard man, we love you, like really love you. You do things right, with class, and that are just so spot on well done. I admire that you take your sweet time to finish a product so it is not rushed, I truly admire that. I almost admire how you nearly sacked up and told the MMO community what’s what about WoW.

For those that don’t know they set naming guidelines that make sure the players at least contribute to the world they play in, rp or not. Well after much protesting they took out their “immersion rule” though they still kept most like abandonment of drug and racial slurs or references. Way to carry the ball nine yards Blizzard, sack up and go the full way. I don’t want to see Mr. Roboto the Orc, I do not want to see Fancytoes the gnome. You caved, you, the king of developers have thrown in the towel, what are they not going to buy your game? Yeah right!? Sack up Blizzard, give us back our roleplaying world, or create a roleplaying server (I have not played beta so I don’t know if one exists already) that is strictly enforced. Set a standard like you always do.

Let me hear your thoughts on this, I want to hear from you level grinders and those who could care less about the RP in an MMO, at least toss in your side of this debate.